From ancient times, storytelling has been the most successful format to share experiences, build culture and communities. Stories are narratives that communicate realities of life, events, legends’ drama, and learnings in an interesting and informative way to ensure legacy and beliefs are passed from generation to generation.

This section is my personal narrative with a similar purpose. It has two categories of stories – Photo Stories and Kuchha Pucca Road Diaries.

Photo Stories aims to communicate the folklore and emotions behind an event that are integral to India’s culture and community. This section is a form of narrative that flows from the images endorsed with reality of the event.

Kuchha Pucca Road Diaries is a personalized journey of places that form the landscape and beauty of India. This section shares a glimpse of ‘the road less travelled’ and relevant information about the places. Here, the purpose is to share relevant information for a traveller and photographer.

Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep…