“Bagiya Bancharam Ki”, A hindi play directed by Mr.Sunil Kukreti from Anusaar Theater Group, produced by Department of Arts,culture and Language,Delhi Government. This play “Bagiya Bancharam Ki” was adapted from a stage play titled “Sajano Bagan” which was directed by Manoj Mitra (and of course, Bancharam played by Mitra), and remains a classic in Bengali cinema.

The Story surrounds a central Character who is an old farmer named”Bancha” and his only family heirloom , a beautiful garden. Bancharam, the owner of a fertile plot of land is evicted by the evil zamindar of the locality called Nokori. Beyond Nokori, the garden and its natural inhabitants also play an inanimate central role ,around which, a fabric of many colorful characters and comic relief culminates into a unique storyline for many generations.

As “Bancha” relentlessly protects this garden from the local zamindar, his grandson “Gupee” and his newly wed wife “Padma”, builds another dream around his claimed inheritance. As the Evil Zamindar “Nokori” wishes for Bancha’s death, the latter is blessed with a grandson and wants to live and buys time from the zamindar. During this time, the sick bancha starts recovering from his ill health and the evil zamindar starts falling ill. To know the climax of this comical but rooted to the realistic world kindly watch the play or buy the book.